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 T-smart LLC is a subsidiary of Tradition Group of Companies. Other subsidiaries include Tradition-Media CJSC and Bit Tradition GmbH. The group is managed by Research and production Group Tradition LLC.

 Our team consists of highly-qualified specialists and includes reserach workers and world-class specialists.  

   The project's head researcher and consultant in the area of medicine and telemedicine is Dr. Valery Stolyar, a PhD in biological sciences, winner of Russian Government prize for Science and Technology, author of more than 120 scientific papers and 10 patents in Russian Federation. Dr. Stolyar is an executive secretary of the Russian Telemedicine Association, is head of the research and teleconsulting telemedical center of Bakoulev Research Center for Cardiovascular Surgery and is also head of the Department of the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry. 

    The project is headed by Dr. Anton Panfilov, founder and director of Tradition Group of Companies, a PhD in economics, a specialist in nanoelectronic materials, information systems and computer technologies. Dr. Panfilov is vice-president of the National Agency of Technological Support of Entrepreneurship, and is heading the IT learning center in the Academy of Management and Markets. 


    The division of computer software systems is headed by Konstantin Komissarov, a specialist in computer technologies and management systems.


    Head of production is Yuri Tsehmyster, a specialist in design and manufacture of user terminals and equipment, communication systems and computer platforms. 


    Senior research specialist – Pavel Ilyin, a PhD in technical sciences, Masters in Computer Science and a specialist in computer systems and networks. 


    System analyst – Dr. Alexander Zadorozhny, a PhD in physics and mathematics, associate professor of the Department of Distributed Information and Computing Systems of the System Analysis Institute and Management of the Dubna International University of Nature, Society and Man.