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    Key technologies offered by the T-smart LLC subsidiary are SmartWear Ammunition and telemedical systems ARNEGA™, situation awareness systems, object positioning integrated system Lockey, and spatial positioning and 4D geoinformation modelling system GeoMan and visualization in real time — altogether these systems allow to organize territorial security and situation awareness systems for crisis management. 

    When developing new solutions, we are guided by the principle of usefullness and feasibilty of application, not fashionability of a certain technology. At the same time we keep in mind that a well designed system is not just a set of equipment, but a complete turnkey solution that meets all customer requirements. Likewise we adhere to three basic principles that help guarantee a good result even if the problem has no optimal solution in the given framework.

    Our principles include a partnership with the Client, where his success determines our endresult, second — comprehensive simulation of a cost-decreasing solution on all subsequent project stages and third — compliance with proven project management rules within the framework of standardized quality control systems.